Sunday, July 26, 2009

Save New WORLD Theater!

We at Food For Thought Books Collective would like to strongly voice our support for and solidarity with New WORLD Theater.

As many of you have probably already heard, the University of Massachusetts has suspended all funding for New WORLD Theater and laid off their staff. While it is true that the economy is currently a difficult one, it is no reason to sacrifice what has been one of the most dynamic, diverse, and visionary programs of the whole Fine Arts Center at UMass. Not only that, we also stand to lose such essential youth programs as Project 2050.

How lucky have we all been to have these programs here in the Valley? Where else do we find anything like them? They are critical sites for the creation & production of new ways of knowing, of being and creating. We cannot let them disappear. For three decades they have imagined and struggled and given us all so much. Now is their time of crisis and it is time to stand with them - in gratitude, in respect, and in solidarity.

Please check out the Save New World Theater Facebook page to see how you can help and please offer them your support today.



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