Monday, October 5, 2009

Education for Liberation - A series of workshops

Check out our exciting new series of workshops happening here at Food For Thought every Thursday night at 5:00pm: Education for Liberation!

The E4L Series is grounded in our commitment to creating spaces for voices that are silenced or overlooked by mainstream corporate media. Including workshops, screenings, lectures and presentations with artists, educators, community organizers and every day folk who are working towards a social justice agenda centered around ending oppression and supporting liberation and self-determination.

This is an intergenerational space, supporting the voices and development of community members of all ages. This series is brought to you by support from our Lead Visionary Partner; Youth Action CoalitionVideo Vanguards & through support from our Community Collaborators including: The Western Mass. Media Consortium and The TRGGR Media Group

Click here to see the full schedule. For more info: call tk at 413-253-5432.


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