Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Professor Jon Zibbell

Hey look! It's an interview with our former weekend warrior, Jonny Zibbell, who has been teaching Cultural Anthropology, Urban Anthropology and a seminar class on Marx's social theory up at Skidmore College.

Best quote:

I have a fetish for graphic novels, especially stuff published by Vertigo. I'm reading DMZ and 100 Bullets right now, both of which are fantastic. But others include Watchmen, Sin City, Scalped, & Ex Machina.

Before I say too much more about my love of comics, I think it best to end the interview here.
Stop by the store this Friday the 27th or Saturday the 28th if you feel like visiting with Jonny - he's back helping out yet again with our holiday hours, giving all the rest of us a bit of a vacation break. Thanks, Jonny!


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