Saturday, May 28, 2011

FFT Volunteers in the News

Check it out! Noalanii Karakashian (pictured) & Nathara Bailey, two valiant volunteers here at Food For Thought Books, are on the front page of the Amherst Bulletin!

Race's role at Amherst Regional: How the high school is tackling a touchy subject.

... Some of the students, like senior Nathara Bailey, thought teachers' expectations for students like them would rise if they were trained in dealing with a racially diverse student body. Peyton suggested that administrators and School Committee members come and talk to their group.

"We can try to make it better and brainstorm tactics that can make the high school a better place," he said

For senior Noalanii Karakashian, a key issue is the small number of nonwhite teachers, which gives her few role models to look up to. "I don't see people who look like me," she said, adding that she doesn't feel comfortable being the only nonwhite person in a class.... read more


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