Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Supporting Radical Sistaz.

Hey Food for Thought Community,

I wanted to share this link because it's a collection of radical sistaz that are working hard to support liberation and justice through their own truth-telling work:


Also, this is a personal call to support The Expatriate Amplification Project―written and composed by Lenelle Moise―the cd will feature 12 tracks of powerful, narrative, lyrically engaging all-vocal music created with two big voices, two cool loop machines and a whole lot of heart. Lenelle sings! And so does Karla Mosley, a rising star of the stage and screen. One audience member described their sound as “post-civil rights chants/neo-Africanistic funk.” They are currently in the fundraising process to get this project off the ground. She has already raised 5,062.00 of her 5,500.00 goal. She has 12 hours left to raise the rest! So please help do your share to make this project happen and get really cool stuff while you’re at it:

Thanks, in advance for checking it out!
paz y light.


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