Saturday, December 19, 2009

Valley Green Feast - A Workers' Collective

Please give a warm welcome and offer your support to a new workers' collective in the valley: Valley Green Feast!

Here's some info about who they are and what they do along with how they recently became a collective:
Valley Green Feast is a delivery service that brings fresh, local, organic food to your door each week beginning January 8th with two special December deliveries coming up.  Valley Green Feast fosters a more sustainable community and provides Pioneer Valley residents an affordable, convenient way to eat healthy and locally grown food.  By using this service you are supporting more than 15 local farms and businesses. We choose local, organic products, which are better for the land, and cut down drastically on emission and fuel consumption.

After two years of business Valley Green Feast founder Jessica Harwood was hired for a job she has wanted for years.  Jessica, along with Maggie Shar, Molly Merrett and Danya Teitelbaum have taken on the business and are now running Valley Green Feast as a worker owned collective.  See our website for our December delivery specials and also any help spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

Eat delicious, healthy food! Support our local economy! Support a new worker's collective in your community! And have it all come to your door!

Thanks for your support!
Maggie Shar, Jessica Harwood, Danya Teitelbaum,  and Molly Merrett


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